Turtle Bay Mauka Agricultural Lands

Turtle Bay, North Shore, OahuPhoto credit: Sean Davey

Forty-five minutes from Honolulu, the Kamehameha Highway cuts inland as it runs by Turtle Bay, a picture-perfect coastal resort. On the Mauka, or mountain side of the highway, a patchwork of small fields run from the road to the base of the mountains, where local farmers grow a bounty of delicious produce. A nearby roadside market offers the farm's bananas, plantains, tomatoes, eggplants and other local delicacies to local residents and passersby.

The Trust for Public Land is working with the North Shore Community Land Trust (NSCLT) to permanently dedicate the land to agricultural uses, removing the constant threat of it falling prey to development as part of the popular North Shore area. Allowing continued farming practices helps to promote stable and sustainable food production in a state where more than 85% of food is imported and there is less than a week's supply of food in stores at any given time.

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