Miranda Canyon

Miranda Overview, New Mexico. Photo: TPL Archive
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TPL Archive

Ten miles south of Taos and directly adjacent to the popular Carson National Forest, sits the 4,990-acre Miranda Canyon property. Proximity to the forest’s recreation trails and other attractions has made Miranda Canyon a target to real estate developers. Recent attempts to subdivide the property into 150 lots were unsuccessful; development efforts continue, threatening the land’s recreational, scenic, and ecological resources.

Rich with ecological resources, from low elevation sagebrush and pinon juniper to high elevation large aspen stands, Miranda’s landscape provides excellent habitat for wildlife. The Old Spanish National Historic Trail, a pack mule route to coastal California, runs through the property, which also boasts a small volcano and 1.7 billion year old rock outcrops.
Right now, an opportunity exists to purchase Miranda Canyon for addition to Carson National Forest. Federal support from the Land and Water Conservation Fund can help save critical wildlife habitat and protect the area’s scenic, recreation, historic, and natural resources in perpetuity.

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