New Jersey Highlands

New Jersey HighlandsPhoto credit: Brad Hamilton

Only an hour outside of New York City, the  New Jersey Highlands encompass nearly one million rugged acres of forests, lakes, and clear running streams. Stretching diagonally across northwestern New Jersey and forming a greenbelt of farmlands and forests along the burgeoning Pennsylvania- New York - New Jersey - Connecticut corridor, the Highlands are one of the region's most significant resources.

The region protects pristine aquifers and underground reservoirs that provide clean drinking water to tens of millions. The regions forests shelter threatened and endangered plant and wildlife species, including the American bald eagle.

Over the past decade, the Highlands have been losing thousands of acres annually to development, which makes conservation in the area critical.

The Trust for Public Land has been active in the protection of the Highlands for more than a decade and protected several thousand acres. In August 2012, we helped add 845 acres near Lake Hopatcong in the New Jersey Highlands, creating a link to 3,000 acres of existing public land.

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