Broad Canyon Ranch

Broad Canyon Ranch, New Mexico. Photo: Don J. Usner
Photo credit: 
Don J. Usner

Fans of Swan Pond, a 30-acre wetland 15 miles north of Las Cruces, no longer have to view this rare desert oasis with binoculars over a roadside fence. Protection of 783 acres at Broad Canyon Ranch in Selden Canyon, a threatened 11-mile stretch of the lower Río Grande, promises eager birders and others access to a restored Swan Pond plus a mile of riverside woodlands of revitalized cottonwood and willow. Partnering with the World Wildlife Fund and others, TPL helped raise funds to acquire and convey the land to New Mexico State Parks. Plans include recreation and education, establishing habitat for the endangered southwestern willow flycatcher, and a link to the proposed Río Grande Trail.

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