Ohio Advisory Board

Frances S. Buchholzer

Frances S. Buchholzer, (Akron), is currently a commissioner of Metro Parks Serving Summit County. read more »

J. Philip Calabrese

J. Philip Calabrese, (Shaker Heights), is an attorney with Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P. in Cleveland, Ohio. read more »

Guy L. Denny

Guy L. Denny, (Fredericktown), served as Chief of Natural Areas and Preserves for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and dedicated 33 years of service to the state. read more »

Raymond Evans

Raymond Evans is a member of The Trust for Public Land's Ohio Advisory Board. read more »

Alison L. Falls

Alison L. Falls, (Port Clinton), is president of A. L. Falls Advisors, LLC and specializes in serving as an independent director, with financial expertise, on boards of public and privately held corporations and financial services institutions as well as nonprofit organizations. read more »

Clyde Gosnell

Robin W. Green

Cheryl Harner

Cheryl Harner is a member of the Ohio Advisory Council. read more »

Shannon Hays

David J. Horn

Stanley T. Jaros

Stanley T. Jaros, (Shaker Heights), is managing partner of the Pepper Pike law firm Moriarty & Jaros, P.L.L., where he specializes in real estate and corporate law, and is a partner in Narragansett, Ltd., a real estate developer and builder of custom homes. read more »

George Klein

George Klein, (Akron), is co-founder of ImagePaths LLC, which develops web-based tools and services that help people live healthier, happier and more productive lives. read more »

William C. McCoy

William C. McCoy, (Hunting Valley), is a former partner with the Cleveland law firm of Pearne & Gordon and currently serves on the boards of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and the Georgian Bay Land Trust. read more »

Donald W. Morrison

Donald W. Morrison,? Chair, (Moreland Hills), was vice president-general counsel of Ohio Bell and of council with Arter & Hadden, Cleveland. read more »

Thomas W. Offutt, III

Thomas W. Offutt, III, (Mentor), was the director of The Trust for Public Land Ohio Office throughout the 1970s and 1980s. read more »

Thomas A. Quintrell

Thomas A. Quintrell, (Gates Mills), was a partner with the Cleveland law firm of Arter & Hadden. read more »

Sandra R. Smith

Sandra R. Smith, (Akron), is a community volunteer currently serving as a board member of the Scenic Ohio, Akron Roundtable, and Western Reserve Historical Society-Hale Farm and Village Advisory Committee. read more »

Nelson S. Talbott

Nelson S. Talbott, (Hunting Valley), is the former chairman of Sawyer Research Products, Inc. and the former president and chief executive officer of Prescott, Ball & Turben. read more »

F. Jerome Tone, III

F. Jerome Tone, III, (Gates Mills), was the founder of National Testing Laboratories, Inc., a company which he sold in 1995 and retired. read more »

John D. Wheeler

John D. Wheeler, (Hunting Valley), is the Senior Vice President for Administration at Case Western Reserve University. read more »