A state-wide survey of attitudes about conservation issues and funding in New Hampshire.

On July 23rd, The Trust for Public Land experienced the conservation world’s equivalent of a big win on Oscar night, accepting the 2012 Esri Making a Difference Award for our innovative use of GIS mapping technology.

How do you boost the health of an entire state? The Colorado Health Foundation recently granted The Trust for Public Land $2.84 million to promote exercise and fitness in Denver by building accessible neighborhood parks and trails.

Research now shows that exercising outdoors in a green setting provides a greater emotional boost than doing the same workout inside.

Crusading scuba diver, Laura James, named Washington's Cox Conserves Hero.

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Today, as we battle a new set of epidemics—obesity and associated illnesses, depression, attention disorders, and infectious diseases exacerbated by climate change—experts are looking to public infrastructure for solutions as they did in the past.

New Freedom Park, a community-named place where families can grow fresh food, children can play safely, and neighbors can gather.