Santa’s reindeer have a tough job, what with flying the world’s circumference in a single night.

Bradley Tusk is the founder of Tusk Strategies, a political and strategic consulting firm based in New York City.

Our favorite thing about winter? Snow! From snowball fights in frosty fields to sledding, skiing, and snowshoeing, we love to play in fresh powder. Many of the parks and natural spaces we’ve protected--or are working to conserve--are best explored when blanketed in white.

For years, The Trust for Public Land has been in the forefront in acquiring and protecting flood-prone natural areas along Barnegat Bay . Post-Sandy, we’re stepping up these efforts to provide green infrastructure as a tool to build more climate-resilient communities.

Hurricane Sandy Storm Surge Map - Barnegat Bay

Shepard ‘Shep’ Harris is a recent transfer from the east to west coast. He is currently Vice President of Investments at UBS Financial Services, based in their San Francisco office.

All kids need a safe place to play outside. But in San Francisco’s notoriously crime-ridden Tenderloin district, finding such a spot is no easy feat.

When George Galbraith, an Irish immigrant to Hawaii, passed away in 1904, he left behind an unprecedented 2100-acre Hawaiian land legacy. Nearly a century later, Galbraith’s 48 descendants and their hundreds of heirs must decide what to do with the increasingly valuable farmland.

Lisa Sarajian is a Managing Director in the Corporate Ratings Department of Standard & Poor's Ratings Services.