The Center for City Park Excellence maintains the nation's most complete database of park facts for the largest U.S. cities. This is the 2012 report.

More than 18,000 people live within a half-mile radius of Jesse Allen Park. But perhaps no one is more proud than Danny Perry.

Project highlights and events the Minnesota office celebrated in 2012.

Joan Jagow was a warm and generous person whose enthusiasm and spirit inspired those around her. Joan was a Trust for Public Land supporter for several years because of her appreciation for the natural world.

990 Form - FY 2012

Pennsylvania recently enacted legislation imposing impact fees on oil and gas drillers. The legislation, known as Act 13, specifies how the fee revenues shall be distributed.

Benefits to corporate partners

Hoback basin campaign FAQ

When The Trust for Public Land surveyed an empty patch of land in the southeast corner of Balboa Park, we saw an underutilized area with tremendous potential.

The Greenprint is a discussion with the residents of Garfield County to identify what they value about living here and what they feel is worth protecting for future generations.