Northfield Forest

Northfield Forest, MassachusettsPhoto credit: Glenn Minshall

For more than a century, the Northfield Mount Hermon School in Northfield, Massachusetts, owned much of the 1,600-acre forest that forms the northeastern backdrop of the town. Besides being a key resource for outdoor recreation, the land is also managed as a working forest-and is part of the watershed that feeds the Grandin Reservoir, a critical source of drinking water.

When the school closed its Northfield campus, residents were concerned that the forest might be sold and developed. In March 2014, The Trust for Public Land reached an agreement that keeps the property off the market while we help raise public and private funds to permanently protect it.

We continue to work with state and local leaders, neighboring towns, and regional land trusts to ensure the project's success. When completed, the Northfield Forest would provide important trail connections to existing conservation areas, ensure the community's continued enjoyment of the forest lands, and protect the water supply through sound forest management. Donate online to support this effort.

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