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A boy peeks from behind a post on a bandstand in Jake Rusher Park, North CarolinaPhoto credit: Darcy Kiefel

Because we spend so little to gain so much, The Trust for Public Land is one of the country's top-rated nonprofit organizations. Our skill at pooling many funding sources allows us to conserve $4 worth of land for every $1 you donate.

The American Institute of Philanthropy

The Trust for Public Land gets an "A" for "efficiency" for putting 83% towards program costs while generally spending only $9 to raise $100.

Forbes Magazine

The Trust for Public Land receives high marks from Forbes Magazine for fundraising efficiency and charitable commitment. See our entry in the Forbes list of 200 Largest U.S. Charities.

The Trust for Public Land is proud to devote 83 cents of every dollar you donate directly to our land conservation programs. Make a donation today

See how we compare against our peers at GuideStar.

In 2007, Charity Navigator discontinued rating 44 land trusts, including The Trust for Public Land, after deciding that its rating methods were poorly suited to accommodate the large swings in land value that routinely occur as these organizations buy and sell land each year.