New Jersey Advisory Board

Carl J. Beck

Carl J. Beck is a founding principal and owner of Hyman Beck & Company, Inc., a commodity trading advisor established in 1991, read more »

Marc Berson

Marc Berson is a dedicated and established philanthropist, lawyer and entrepreneur, with a focus in real estate development. read more »

Grosvenor (Grove) Blair

Grosvenor (Grove) Blair is a retired attorney who was Senior Counsel to the Exxon Corporation. read more »

Marc E. Feaster

Marc E. Feaster is Manager and CEO of ViaSource Funding Group LLC, a financial services company that specializes in the purchase of life insurance policies from individuals with a current need for a portion of the policy proceeds. read more »

James (Jim) Gibson

Jim is the former president and owner of Gibson Tube, which was founded by his family in 1962. read more »

P. Kelly Hatfield

P. Kelly Hatfield has enjoyed a distinguished career in both community and public service. read more »

James C. Kellogg

James C. Kellogg is the retired president of the NJ Community Foundation. read more »

Randi Kronthal-Sacco

Randi Kronthal-Sacco is the Worldwide Vice President of Marketing for the Johnson & Johnson Baby Franchise. read more »

Dene H. Lee

Dene H. Lee joined TPL's Mid-Atlantic Region in 1995. read more »

Anthony Monaco

Anthony Monaco is Senior Vice President at Newedge USA L.L.C., a US registered broker dealer owned 50/50 by Credit Agricole and Societe Generale, two of France's leading financial institutions. read more »

Harry O'Mealia

Harry O'Mealia joined Legg Mason Trust in 2005 as President and Chief Executive Officer. read more »

Lynn O'Mealia

Lynn O'Mealia is Director of Sales and Marketing for Loudon Investment Management (LIM), an independent investment advisor. read more »

James M. Porter

James M. Porter is a retired insurance executive who served as Chairman of Holmes Agency Insurance. read more »

Brian Quinn

Brian is a Team Director and Senior Program Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. read more »

Charles (Chuck) Tint

Chuck is Vice President for real estate development at CareOne, a leading provider of senior healthcare services throughout the northeast and Midwest. read more »

Kim Wentworth

Kim Wentworth has had a long career of community activism, charitable work and philanthropy. read more »