Northern Rockies Advisory Board

Les is a writer and author, a retired nine-term U.S. congressman from Oregon, a former university professor of government, and now a kicked back devotee of the wild outdoors (the intrinsic logic of which surpasses all the stuff he had dealt with in DC).

Since 2003, Laura has served as president and CEO of The University of Montana Foundation in Missoula, Montana.

Larry is retired after a 30-year career in high tech.

Paul retired in 2002 after a 36 year career in law, commercial banking and consulting in the Southeastern U.S.  

Originally from Dover, Massachusetts, Anne moved to Jackson Hole in the late 80s, and has lived there ever since. She attended Hamilton College, and later earned a Master’s in Landscape Design.

Robert Stephens is owner of Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery in Moss Landing, CA. He currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Santa Cruz Land Trust.

Ed is president of Boulder Partners, and co-founder and developer of the Old Sawmill District, a $250M mixed-use urban redevelopment in Missoula, Montana.