Minnesota Advisory Board

Jamal Knight is a litigation associate in the Minneapolis office of Faegre Baker Daniels LLP focusing his practice on agricultural and environmental matters.

Greg McNeely is a trustee on the Dakota Foundation (music education), Manitou Fund, Como Park (zoo and conservatory), McNeely Foundation, and Warner Foundation (management of the Warner Nature Center) in partnership with the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Henry Miles is a veteran of the financial services industry. He has held various positions at what are now U.S. Bank, and RBC Capital Markets where he served as Chief Information Officer and, separately, Chief Compliance Officer.

Winthrop A. Rockwell, JD works at Faegre Baker Daniels LLP and concentrates on commercial and product liability litigation.

Jeff Rome is a physician on the staff of the Mayo Clinic and is chairman emeritus of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology.

Melissa ("Liss" or "Lissie") Rappaport Schifman is a Principal with Sustology, a sustainability advisory firm in Minneapolis.

Julia Silvis, of McKinsey & Company, is manager of the Itasca Project.  The Itasca Project is a virtual roundtable of CEOs, non-profit, and civic leaders, which aims to increase the economic competitiveness of the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul region. 

Glen Skovholt is president of Government & Community Strategies, a government and community affairs consulting organization and chair of the Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission as appointed by Governor Pawlenty.

Nick Swenson is a member of the Minnesota Advisory Board.

Marnie is the CEO of Camp Fire Minnesota.