Massachusetts Advisory Board

Jerry Bird is the vice-president of Massachusetts Development Technology Corporation (MTDC).

Justin is the Managing Principal for Los Angeles asset manager Payden & Rygel’s east coast effort, located in Boston.

Katherine Collins is a member of the Massachusetts Advisory Council.

Ken and his wife, Peg Ferraro, founded the Brigham Hill Community Farm, where Community Harvest Project brings together thousands of local volunteers to grow fruits and vegetables for hunger relief. He currently serves as president of that organization

Charlotte is the Executive Director at BasicNeeds US, a non-profit organization serving the health, social, and economic needs of people with mental illnesses and neurological disorders in the world’s poorest communities.

James Hoyte is a recently retired senior administrator and lecturer in environmental policy at Harvard University

Beedee Ladd is the chair of the Open Space Committee.

Robert is the President of Familiae Inc, in Cambridge, MA, which specializes in organizational development and training/counseling of employees and their families.

Robert is the Director of Equity Research for Columbia Management Group, Bank of America’s money management arm that directs $170 billion in assets.

Jennifer Murtie is a member of the Massachusetts Advisory Council.