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Format: 2015-06-22
Format: 2015-06-22
Press release
Washington D.C. |
April 22, 2015

The Trust for Public Land announced today that it will provide $300,000 to help states create new tools to help communities aid the fight against climate change by trapping more carbon in forests.

In the news
April 21, 2015

A four-acre park and playground in Bridgeport’s East End is about to get a major makeover. Mayor Bill Finch announced Tuesday that the city will soon begin transforming Johnson Oak Park, as well as the grounds of the adjacent Jettie S. Tisdale Elementary School.

In the news
April 19, 2015

A block of 550 acres of land was saved from the developer's bulldozers and is now destined to be added to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area following action by several conservation groups.

Press release
Monroe County |
April 16, 2015

Today The Trust for Public Land announced a significant purchase of land, which will soon result in the expansion of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Press release
Washington D.C. |
April 14, 2015

Off-leash dog parks are growing faster than any other type of park in America's largest cities, The Trust for Public Land announced today in releasing a new report on city park systems.

Press release
Phoenix |
April 12, 2015

The Trust for Public Land and Cox Communications are seeking nominations for Arizona's fourth annual Cox Conserves Heroes awards program. A total of $20,000 will be donated to local environmental nonprofits on behalf of the winner and finalists.

In the news
April 8, 2015

Urban alleys are largely underutilized and understudied. Cities across the United States are realizing the potential for alleys to operate as more than single-function spaces for vehicle use. As such, cities are increasingly transforming alleyways into multi-purpose community assets. This report provides practical information, relevant to supporting green alley efforts, to city staff, community members and other stakeholders.

Press release
San Diego |
April 5, 2015

The Trust for Public Land and Cox Communication are seeking nominations for environmental volunteers in Cox's service areas in Orange County, San Diego and Santa Barbara. Nominations are being accepted at through 5 p.m. on April 27 for volunteers who are creating, preserving or enhancing outdoor spaces.

In the news
April 2, 2015

The Bloomingdale Rail Line was born an elevated freight line a century ago. When businesses closed, so did the railroad. Left behind are lonely reminders of the past that sit in the midst of a future quite different.

In the news
April 1, 2015

A battle is looming over America’s public lands. It’s difficult to understand why, given decades of consistent, strong support from voters of both parties for protecting land, water and the thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic benefits these resources make possible.