Madelyn Glickfeld

Madelyn Glickfeld, Los Angeles, CA, is the UCLA, Assistant Director for Outreach and Strategic Initiatives, Institute of the Environment (IoE). Ms. Glickfeld organizes lectures, conferences and public lectures, teaches classes, and works on initiatives to increase interdisciplinary environmental research and education, focused on climate change and the natural environment, and implementation of conservation projects. She is involved in many projects undertaken at the IoE Center for Climate Change Solutions.

Ms. Glickfeld has dealt with natural lands restoration, and wetlands protection regulation, protection and restoration in particular, in many of her professional and public service roles. She is currently the Vice Chair of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. She served as a policy advisor to the Director of State Parks in 2000 -2001 and Assistant Secretary at the California Resources Agency for 2002-2003. From 1986 to 1996 Ms. Glickfeld served on the California Coastal Commission and reviewed wetlands protection, restoration and development plans along the entire 1100 mile California coast. While on the Coastal Commission, she represented the Commission on the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Board, the Executive Board of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Project and the Contaminated Sediments Task Force for Los Angeles County. She has been a member of numerous competitive grant review committees for water quality improvements to protect wetlands. From 1977 to 2002, Madelyn Glickfeld served as president of MJG Incorporated, a conservation planning and practice consulting firm and did many consulting assignments with the Coastal Conservancy and local land trusts in California. Glickfeld currently serves as a member of the California Advisory Board for the Trust for Public Land and Green Info Network. She was a past member of the Board of Directors and a past vice chair of Heal the Bay.