El Sereno in East Los Angeles has one of the greatest concentrations of children under five in the county—but not nearly enough parks or playgrounds to serve them.

The Trust for Public Land has been working to bring Fitness Zone® installations to parks across the nation and established the first one in Miami-Dade County in July 2012.

Updates and photos documenting the participatory design process and construction at the William Dick Elementary Schoolyard in Philadelphia.

We are working with the community on the renovation of this vibrant recreation and community center in the St. Hughs neighborhood of North Philadelphia.

The Trust for Public Land worked with community members to develop renovation plans for the existing facilities at this busy Philadelphia recreation center.

The yard at Philadelphia's William Dick Elementary used to flood with every rain. So we transformed the barren asphalt into a storm-proof playground that stays open to the neighborhood after school.

The Trust for Public Land is working with local nonprofits and government agencies to create parks that will transform urban Miami into a green, livable, and healthy city.

Map of completed projects in New Jersey, updated 2012.

How student designers and their playgrounds are tackling New York City’s water woes.

To address the need for green space in Philadelphia's underserved neighborhoods, we've launched the Parks for People-Philadelphia.