Located between a middle-class neighborhood of single-family homes and two of San Francisco's largest public housing projects, Potrero Hill serves families from across the economic spectrum. TPL's Parks for People-Bay Area program raised $825,000 in... Read more

Though Chicago features several well-known showcase parks along Lake Michigan, children in many of the city's neighborhoods lack adequate places to play. In 2005, park activists in the park-poor Logan Square neighborhood sought to expand one-acre Haas Park... Read more

New York City has beautiful parks, but too few are in the city's lowest-income neighborhoods. According to the City of New York Department of Planning, 16 of the 18 lowest income neighborhoods offer less than adequate green space.

Since 1978, The... Read more

In the early twentieth century, the town of Cicero, just outside of Chicago, was the second largest manufacturing center in the state and experienced rapid development. In recent years, the town has experienced another surge in growth, with population... Read more

The Need for Parks

Thousands of New York City children do not have access to a close to home park or playground. In fact, 73 percent of the city’s low-income neighborhoods fail to meet the city’s standard of 2.5 acres of parkland per 1,000... Read more

Construction of interstate highways in the 1950s and 1960s devastated Miami's historic Overtown neighborhood. Today the once-thriving African American community is experiencing a revival, shaped in part by planned new parks and open space. In support of... Read more

This downtown Tampa park was the first site acquired as part of the city's plan to integrate its waterfront parks into a connected system. The park allows pedestrian links to popular downtown sites such as the convention center, the Ice Palace, and the... Read more

Located in Echo Park, a dense neighborhood on the edge of downtown Los Angeles, the Patton Street Park and Community Garden Project is a .4-acre site adjacent to a City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Community Center. As there are many families with... Read more

The Carlton Way Pocket Park will create a new park on a .2-acre lot that has been vacant since the mid-1990s. No other parks or public green space exist within a 1/2 mile radius of this densely populated, underserved neighborhood. The design for this park... Read more

In the Town of Queen Creek, 80 acres of fallow agricultural fields occupied an enticing spot in a densely populated neighborhood. The property was slated for development as a large residential complex—but the community saw potential for more.

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