Park Design and Development

John F. Kennedy Park in Richmond, California, was once the core of community's social life. Neighbors who grew up near the park and still live in the area. But the park has aged, and hard times in the surrounding neighborhood have left its facilities... Read more

Before it meant shopping, the word "mall" described a broad public walkway or promenade, often lined with trees.

As I have previously written about, several recently unveiled projects in Chicago have been justifiably attracting a lot of attention. Most of these, including the impressive expansion of the Riverwalk, are, as one might expect, located in the central,... Read more

Saint Paul's newest park, Frogtown Park and Farm, opened to the public today with a day-long celebration, giving the city a new park destination, which includes one of the largest urban farms... Read more

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded The Trust for Public Land, the City of Newark, and Essex County the agency’s “Smart Growth Achievement” award for the development of Newark’s Riverfront Park.

Riverfront Park – the stretch of land in the city that was converted from a former industrial site to a community open space – is a creative project that simultaneously protects the environment and enhances the area's economy.

The Ironbound is a close-knit, multicultural community in Newark's East Ward, home to many families with children. The lack of play space is a problem throughout the East Ward.

I LOVE the QueensWay. This love affair started one chilly March evening in Rich­mond Hill, Queens ...

Rocky Graham Park is the only outdoor recreational space in Marin City, the most diverse city in the county. Originally built in the 1940s, the park served the families of African American laborers who moved to the region to build Liberty ships on the... Read more