The rural character of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region is important for attracting tourists and supporting the economy, but this appeal has also prompted increased development that could seriously threaten key habitat and public access.

The iconic Hill Country of Central Texas is a place of raw beauty, serenity and solace, yet is under tremendous development pressure from nearby Austin. Few large tracts of land, like the Peaceful Springs Preserve, escape the bulldozer's blade. Protecting Peaceful Springs Preserve not only expands the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge's public holdings, but also protects vanishing habitat for endangered songbirds and migrating Monarch butterflies.

The Trust for Public Land and the New Canaan Land Trust have an immediate opportunity to protect the six-acre New Canaan property of Jim and Betsey Fowler - the place they called home for more than 30 years.

The Trust for Public Land today announced that the 520-acre Peaceful Springs Preserve has been added to the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, permanently protecting public recreation and birding opportunities, supporting underground aquifer resources, and providing critical habitat for endangered species and other wildlife.

The Trust for Public Land today announced that 626 acres of Wolfe Creek Forest has been acquired and added to the Blackwater River State Forest.

For generations, Native American and Hispanic people have used the scenic, mountainous land northwest of Taos for hunting, grazing, and the gathering of herbs, medicinal plants and firewood.

To the delight of the local community, The Trust for Public Land and the Bureau of Land Management announced today that 2,576 acres has been acquired by the Bureau of Land Management within the Río Grande Del Norte National Monument.

Ackerson Meadow lies along the western boundary of Yosemite National Park, a bright island of open grass in a sea of shady forest.

Yosemite National Park added Ackerson Meadow, 400 acres of critical wetlands and meadow habitat on the park's western boundary through a donation. The landmark addition was donated to the park through a cooperative effort between The Trust for Public Land, Yosemite Conservancy, and the National Park Service.

On the same day the National Park Service celebrated its 100th anniversary, The Trust for Public Land donated 282 acres to the Saguaro National Park. The donation, which includes part of Rincon Creek, is located on the east side of the National Park and adds a critical water resource to the park area.