Conservation funding

The Trust for Public Land today opposed a draft bill which would fundamentally change the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), America's most successful conservation program.

The new bill was proposed by Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, Chair of the... Read more

The Center for Survey Research at Penn State Harrisburg recently completed a statewide telephone survey of 601 adult Pennsylvanians to assess public support for state funding to conserve and protect open space, clean water, natural areas, wildlife habitats... Read more

Ok, so no one likes unraveling acronyms. But if you care about getting outdoors, this one should be on your radar. Ready? L-W-C-F.

The Trust for Public Land today strongly supported Obama administration budget proposed for the next fiscal year, which includes continued investments in our nation’s land, water, recreation and working landscapes that support local economies.

A record $13 billion for land conservation was approved by voters across America Tuesday, including large statewide measures in Florida, New Jersey, and California, The Trust for Public Land announced today.

This report examines how Land and Water Conservation Fund investments in Forest Service land acquisitions have strengthened six unique communities across the country by assisting locally-initiated forest protection efforts in California, New Hampshire,... Read more

The Trust for Public Land conducted an economic analysis of the return on New Hampshire’s investment in land conservation through a variety of state programs that funded land acquisition statewide, and found that every $1 invested in land conservation... Read more

A new report reveals the best attributes for successful statewide conservation programs.

Recommendations for State Conservation Programs

The Trust for Public Land today issued the following statement after the release of President Obama's proposed budget for fiscal year 2015, which includes $900 million for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.