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The nonprofit Trust for Public Land will within days begin the process of reopening Astoria Hot Springs to the public as part of a 100-acre park.The natural hot springs are located 16 miles south of Jackson on the bank of the Snake River within property... Read more

The proposal to rebuild Astoria Hot Springs  has been widely supported in the community. A rezoning application recently approved by the Teton County commissioners paves the way for the historic springs to return, albeit in a different form.

A plan to bring a long-loved amenity back to Teton County is making headway through the county’s planning process. For 40 years Astoria Hot Springs offered spring-fed soaking, open space and... Read more

For decades, residents and visitors to Jackson, Wyoming, enjoyed these natural mineral soaking pools on the banks of the Snake River for birthday parties, picnics, and camping trips.

Kanewai Spring is one of the last remaining freshwater springs in Honolulu. The spring feeds into Kanewai Fishpond, the Paiko Wildlife Sanctuary, and Maunalua Bay.

At first glance, the town of Burlington, Connecticut, appears to have an abundance of open space-but much of it is privately owned, with limited public access. When 105 acres adjoining the existing Taine Mountain Preserve came up for sale, developers took... Read more

The Trust for Public Land and its partners, including the Township of Morris, the Morris County Preservation Trust, and the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority announced today the permanent protection of 21.5 acres of the scenic Vallevue Farm on... Read more

Long-sought public access to Victoria Lake and the Ontonagon River has been secured in a 245-acre addition to the Ottawa National Forest, The Trust for Public Land and U.S. Forest Service announced today.

Hood Canal is one of Washington's most-visited natural areas. Along the Dosewallips and Duckabush Rivers, visitors enjoy hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing.

The final 1,364-acre piece of a historic 5,000-acre property near Taos will be protected by adding it to the Carson National Forest, The Trust for Public Land and U.S. Forest Service announced today.