Center for City Park Excellence

Since 2003, The Trust for Public Land's Center for City Park Excellence has carried out ground-breaking research into the economic value that cities and urban residents receive from their park and recreation systems. The ramifications of this work have... Read more

It is increasingly apparent that the United States must consider reengineering the form of its fast-growing metropolitan areas, moving away from low-density car dependency and toward a higher-density... Read more

This publication from the Center for City Park Excellence, summarizes research into some of the innovative activities taking place at the intersection of urban parks and affordable housing.

This report measures the economic value of Boston's park and recreation system.

The Trust for Public Land conducted a study of parkland in the five major cities of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Hampton Roads has almost twice as much city shoreline as New York City and more than nine times as much city shoreline as either Boston... Read more

San Diego's Balboa Park, one of the largest and most cherished urban parks in the country, is at a crossroad, facing challenges of automobile traffic, homelessness, horticultural decline and maintenance cutbacks. Drawing upon user surveys, budgetary... Read more

In a first-of-its-kind report for the Philadelphia Parks Alliance, the Center for City Park Excellence documents the economic value of the parks and park programs of Philadelphia - from the Fairmount Park system to... Read more

This report on Salem, Oregon's park system was created assist in creating the city's 1999 Park and Recreation master plan.

Urban park advocates struggle mightily to create new green space through a precious parcel here and an irreplaceable acre there. But a large swath of existing parkland is given over to the prosaic task of automobile storage, complete with its side impacts... Read more

The Trust for Public Land partnered with the citizens of Hartford to set a strategy to revitalize the city's historic, yet struggling, park system.