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With more than 33,640 acres of parkland, six state-of-the-art recreation centers, several public campgrounds, and a nationally recognized athletic complex, the park and recreation system of Virginia Beach is... Read more
New Brunswick is a historic city, a university city, a medical city, and home to a giant worldwide corporation. It has successfully weathered the economic travails of the 1960s and 70s that hammered other... Read more

This report measures the value of the park and recreation system in Wilmington, Delaware.

This document from City Park Facts Report 2010 has tables showing the largest, oldest, and most visited parks located within the limits of a U.S. city.

This report measures the value of Philadelphia's park and recreation system.

Data on the largest, oldest, and most visited parks in U.S. cities from the City Parks Fact 2010 report.

The total area covered by urban parkland in the United States exceeds one million acres, with parks ranging in size from the jewel-like 1.7-acre Post Office Square in Boston to the gargantuan 490,125-acre Chugach State Park in Anchorage. And their usage... Read more

From Fitness Zones to the Medical Mile: How Urban Park Systems Can Best Promote Health and Wellness details more than 75 innovative features and programs-including 14 case studies-that maximize a park's ability to promote physical activity and... Read more

A new study of the park system of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, shows that the county's parks generate considerable economic value—both to the local government and to Mecklenburg County residents.

According to the detailed analysis by the... Read more

Through an annual survey, the Center for City Park Excellence maintains the nation's most complete database of park facts for the largest 85 U.S. cities. With the help of CCPE data, you can see how your city compares to other cities.