Jep Seman


Jep Seman is the President and Founder of Corporate Advocates, a national, full service lobbying, issues management and public affairs firm based in Denver, Colorado.  One of Corporate Advocates' two founders, Mr. Seman is responsible for setting the firm's overall direction and strategic vision. An attorney by training, Mr. Seman is a Capitol Hill veteran, having served on the personal staff of former U.S. Senator Gary Hart and as Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Environment.  With over 20 years of government and public relations experience, Mr. Seman guides clients through the public policy and media issues attendant to natural resources development, energy production, and environmental compliance. Additionally, he provides media relations representation, media training and strategic crisis communications counsel to companies across the country.  Mr. Seman sits on the Boards of the Colorado Petroleum Association, Warren Village Foundation, the National Kidney Foundation, and is the past president of the Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Association.