Historic sites

We're bringing together neighbors, planners, and community groups to transform this historic landmark into a unique city park for hiking, biking, fishing, and exploring local history.

During Easter Week each year, Chimayo—a rural village 30 miles north of Santa Fe, New Mexico—hosts tens of thousands of pilgrims who come here to pray, attend services, and gather sandy soil from the floor of a tiny room adjacent to the town’s chapel.

The Battle of Thomas Creek, the southernmost battle of the Revolutionary War, took place here in what is now Jacksonville, Florida.

In 1991 archeological excavations unearthed artifacts establishing Snake Warrior's Island as the site of the home of Chief Chitto Tustenugee, or "Snake Warrior," and his tribe, who inhabited the area in the early 1800s

The Trust for Public Land purchased the remaining 18 acres of this former tropical roadside attraction in a cooperative project with Indian River Land Trust.

Established in 1997, the InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness preserves a small portion of the original Sinkyone Indian territory on 3,845 acres of redwood forestland along the northern California coast in Mendocino County.

4 for 150: Conservation success stories for the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War

In late 2008, TPL worked with the Triangle Land Conservancy to purchase Riverwalk, 329 acres at the juncture of the Neuse River and Marks Creek.

A 60-acre gem located in Lake Vermilion's Wolf Bay, Wolf Island is a place of legend and lore, with historical ties to both Native Americans and Voyageurs.

In March 2011, TPL and the State Parks Division protectd 17 acres of privately-owned shoreline within the Lapakahi State Historical Park.