The Trust for Public Land, in partnership with the Okanogan Valley Land Council, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Conservation Northwest, and local landowners, works to sustain the ranching economy and conserve important natural areas and... Read more

Maine's Penobscot Valley has a challenge: how can it continue to grow while maintaining the sense of place and quality of life that its people cherish?

Camden County, Georgia, once a sweetly tranquil place of endless marshes, fertile soils, tall pines, plantations, lumberyards, and shrimp boats, today is experiencing an unprecedented level of growth.

On a mild and sunny afternoon in May, I'm in a small skiff amid the salt marsh islands at the lower end of New Jersey's Barnegat Bay—a narrow, 40-mile-long estuary separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a thin band of barrier islands.

The Trust for Public Land conducted a study of parkland in the five major cities of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Hampton Roads has almost twice as much city shoreline as New York City and more than nine times as much city shoreline as either Boston... Read more

One of the fastest growing counties in the state, Travis County is surrounded by hills on the west and blackland prairie on the east. Many of the 850,000 residents work for the government, or in high tech industry, research, and education.

This report identifies the regionally significant acquisition and conservation priorities for King County, Washington.

In conjunction with a GIS analysis, we performed stakeholder analysis in Camden, New Jersey, to help determine community interest and leadership around park and greenspace issues; an analysis of parks and greenspace management and opportunities; and a... Read more

The Role of Parks and Greenspace in Redevelopment looks at both the past and the future of parks in the city of Camden, including sites owned or managed by Camden County, Georgia.

Green Valley Road weaves through the dark, productive bottomland of southeast King County, Washington. Roadside signs advertise brown eggs and homemade berry jams, remnants of a time when this part of the county was entirely agricultural.