Fitness Zones®


Free Fitness for All

We all strive to be healthy and fit. But for many Americans, finding a place to exercise can prove more of a challenge than the workout itself. The Trust for Public Land's Fitness Zone® Program provides free outdoor fitness equipment in local parks—often in neighborhoods where gym memberships are too pricey to be practical.

From Miami to Los Angeles, there are 37 Fitness Zones already in use—and more on the way. With your support, we're empowering diverse communities with an innovative new resource in the fight against obesity.

Combating Inactivity

Nearly 50 percent of Americans get less than the minimum recommended amount of physical activity, and 36 percent engage in no leisure-time activity at all. A lack of exercise opportunities and/or the ability to afford them contribute to this problem. Fitness Zones provide a free solution to the growing epidemic of obesity and other health problems related to inactivity.

It’s About Access

Easy access to parks and outdoor gyms increases our frequency and intensity of exercise.

Studies show people are more likely to exercise when in a fun, safe, and social environment. Fitness Zones are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of income or ability, and to contribute to healthier lifestyles.


Research and Reviews

A growing amount of literature, studies, and stories confirm that access to free outdoor fitness equipment increases health and wellness.

Partnership Opportunities
The Trust for Public Land aims to partner with cities, schools, senior and community centers, and faith-based organizations
that want to bring this low-cost and highly beneficial resource to their communities.
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