Conservation Finance

Across the nation, counties are assuming an increasingly important role in conservation. This year the Trust for Public Land and the National Association of Counties (NACo) launched their first annual County Leadership in Conservation Awards. More than fifty county conservation programs were reviewed, with special attention to management, innovation, funding, partnerships, acquisitions, and public support. We're happy to announce this year's winners.

With nothing less than their futures at stake, two very different counties vote new funds to protect the lands they love.

Many communities require developers to donate land or pay in-lieu fees ("developer exactions") for the acquisition of parkland. But almost no attention has been paid to the more basic question—do these programs actually result in the public acquisition of land?

The Conservation Finance Handbook is designed for communities seeking to raise conservation funds at the ballot box, from initial demographic research to post election analysis.

This 34-page report also provides examples of exceptional practices maintaining and funding parks in the cities studied along with a referral to some of the city park facts collected by the Center for City Park Excellence.

With their agricultural heritage at stake, fast-growing communities throughout the rural West are turning to purchase of delopment rights programs, in which ranchers are paid to forego their rights to develop their land but continue to own it.

When communities invest in green spaces, they save a lot more than land.

Taking a lost election to heart, a writer- activist seeks hope in the land itself