Conservation easements

In 1999, the proposed construction of 454 homes threatened 425 acres on the western side of Mountain Island Lake, only a thousand feet from water intakes for the communities of Gastonia and Mount Holly.

The 410-mile Connecticut River is New England's largest river, draining a 7.2 million-acre watershed that supports fisheries, farmlands, forests, and fresh water in four states: New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

In 2005, the historic Ballam Farm, situated on the banks of the Connecticut River and above the town of Walpole's most productive drinking water aquifer, was nearly sold for development into a car dealership.

The Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge was established in 1997 to conserve native plant, animals, and habitat throughout the four-state Connecticut River watershed.

The town of Crownsville, just outside of Annapolis, is home to Sahlin Farm, the largest undeveloped forested parcel on the Severn River. In 1999, the Severn River Land Trust partnered with TPL to acquire an easement on the 292-acre property, an important... Read more

A working ranch for over 100 years, Cedar Springs is also a haven for wildlife. Natural springs on the property provide water for ranching and wildlife on 350,000 surrounding acres.

Conservation-conversant locals know the Sierra Nevada area has a checkered past, thanks to historic land-ownership patterns.

Rancho Monte Alegre is the largest remaining undeveloped landscape in the Carpentaria foothills. Founded in the 19th century, the ranch provides a scenic backdrop for the entire Carpentaria Valley.

Water is a precious commodity in Colorado's San Luis Valley. Farmers and wildlife both depend on it, and rights to use water in Colorado are owned, bought, and sold like land.

Adams County, northeast of burgeoning Denver, has been struggling to maintain farms and open space in the path of growth. In 1999, The Trust for Public Land helped county residents mount and pass a voter initiative that created a dedicated sales tax for... Read more