Conservation easements

Massachusett's Community Preservation Program is about maintaining quality of life in our municipalities by empowering cities and towns to preserve what is important to their individual character. One means of empowering communities is to provide them with... Read more

In 2008, Cleopas R. Johnson Park near downtown Atlanta was an underused space with an uninviting concrete playground. Local advocacy groups Friends of Cleopas R. Johnson Park and Park Pride asked The Trust for Public Land to bring new life to this four-... Read more

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) and the Okanogan Valley Land Council are helping to keep working families on their land and in the job they love: traditional cattle ranching.

Five generations of Nelsons have ranched here, and today they own about 1,... Read more

For nearly 50 years, Tall Timber Ranch has been the home
of a Presbyterian Church wilderness camp, reaching out to
children and adults alike with a powerful combination of social
and environmental messages, establishing and nurturing a... Read more

Located in south-central Colorado, Wet Mountain Valley is one of the state’s last remaining mountain ranching communities. Since 2000, TPL has spearheaded an ambitious and collaborative effort to preserve the Valley's beauty and way of life.

... Read more

In early 2011, The Trust for Public Land conserved a large, forested wetlands property along a half-mile of Ayers Creek, a popular canoeing and kayaking destination. The property, a priority for local conservation efforts, is within the 4,000-acre Holly... Read more

Covering 31,300 acres of remote forests, streams, and ponds, the Androscoggin Headwaters near Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge was one of the largest unprotected properties remaining... Read more

In 2000, this critical strip of land nestled between two designated wilderness areas near Aspen and Crested Butte was in jeopardy from development. Concerned about the threat to the area’s natural beauty and its importance for biological research,... Read more

Since 1994, The Trust for Public Land has worked with the City of Chattanooga to create a large system of parks and greenways. Across the Tennessee River from the heart of Chattanooga, this winding greenway is a linear park that includes two miles of... Read more

Since 1994, The Trust for Public Land has worked with the City of Chattanooga, acquiring land and easements to create a large system of parks and greenways. In the south, a section winds along the creek corridor from Camp Jordan northward to the Tennessee... Read more