Community gardens

For years, a dusty lot in a multinational refugee community was the site of a small community garden and informal neighborhood gathering place.

For years, residents of Minneapolis's culturally diverse urban core have been turning trash-strewn vacant lots into flourishing community gardens that produce food, flowers, and community pride.

In 1990 TPL worked with Southside Community Land Trust to help stave off development on a portion of this community farm in Providence. The farm was able to continue as a community garden and a resource for the Providence School System.

The Need for Parks

With our help, Nuestras Raíces, a grass-roots organization in Holyoke, was able to purchase this roughly four-acre parcel of land in 2004.

In a world of asphalt and brick, New York's more than 450 community gardens provide residents rare places to relax and connect with nature. They serve as front porches and backyards—places to meet with neighbors, play, grow produce, and gather for summer... Read more

Situated on the corner of Bellam Blvd and Windward Way, the future garden is across the street from a walking and bike path and is easily accessible by the surrounding residential areas.

A cascade of flowers and greenery on Telegraph Hill, the garden was created by former resident Grace Marchant in a 30-year labor of love.

This long, narrow series of parks steps diagonally down a San Francisco hillside through formerly vacant lots. The greenway includes a plaza, community garden, two greenhouses, playground, native plant garden, agricultural lot, herb garden, and a barbecue... Read more

In a state famous for its wide-open and scenic landscapes, nature close to home remains elusive for many city dwellers.