City parks

Throughout its history, Miami has been a magnet to visitors and newcomers from around the world. But rapid growth has come at a cost: development has created a dense, crowded city with little green space—just 2.8 acres per 1,000 residents, less than a... Read more

The Trust for Public Land is partnering with the City of Bridgeport and the Fairfield County Community Foundation to begin implementing the city’s new Parks Master Plan. With support from the... Read more

For decades, this 13-acre wooded urban oasis in Portland's Back Cove neighborhood has been used by Portland residents with the landowner's consent. Known as Canco Woods, this neighborhood park is popular with joggers, dog-walkers, mountain bikers, cross-... Read more

After a stroke robbed him of his sight and independence, Vietnam veteran Michael Perryman's health began to deteriorate. He was losing weight and strength quickly, and was always tired. That is, until his sister learned about the new Fitness Zone®... Read more

Map of completed projects in New Jersey, updated 2012.

St. Paul's Frogtown neighborhood is home to a diverse immigrant population. Though residents come from all around the world, they share strong agricultural traditions and the desire for a place where families can celebrate their roots. The Trust for Public... Read more

In some communities, the hardest thing about hitting the gym isn't finding the energy-it's finding the gym. They're called fitness deserts: neighborhoods where safe spaces to exercise are too few, too far, or too expensive.

In places like these,... Read more

Since 2002, the city of Tigard had leased 2.6-acres off Hunziker Street for use as an off-leash dog park for the growing number of urban dog owners. The park was used by hundreds of people and pooches weekly--many coming from nearby Beaverton or Lake... Read more