City parks

Recently, the children at P.S. 261 in Brooklyn were turned loose on the new playground at their school in the Boerum Hill neighborhood. And it was an instant hit, with swarms of kids running and playing. What the kids didn't know is that their playground... Read more

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, many parents have their hands full in the morning as they juggle getting ready for work and getting the kids off to school. And while their kids' schools mostly look the same as last spring, there are major differences... Read more

Queens has spoken: The abandoned Rockaway Beach rail line should be transformed into a walking and biking path.
A strong majority — roughly 75% — of people quizzed about the proposed QueensWay back just such a plan, according to pollster Scott... Read more

This rugged, 8-acre parcel in the El Cerrito hills is the Bay Area's most recent open space victory, a long-awaited acquisition that has environmentalists celebrating.

Austin is known for a vibrant system of city parks. A new rating system is showing how Austin stacks up with other big U.S. cities. Senior Vice President and Director of City Park Development for the Trust For Public Land Adrian Benepe spoke to KVUE about... Read more

A brand new eco-friendly playground opened today at a Cypress Hills school. Students at P.S. 65 started their day by running and climbing on the new equipment.

Imagine the best view of downtown Chattanooga. Now go there. It lies within three miles of where 28,000 Chattanoogans live and where 47,000 employees work every day, according to Rick Wood, executive director of Chattanooga's Trust for Public Land.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel broke ground Tuesday on the Bloomingdale Trail, a decade-old plan to transform a 2.7-mile stretch of abandoned railroad right-of-way into a linear park akin to New York’s acclaimed High Line project.

The fence is still up at Silverman Park, but behind it is a fitness zone. There is outdoor exercise equipment that can give a good resistance workout.

The borough of Queens has decided to up its game and is conducting a study into the possible redevelopment of an abandoned rail line into a park, similar to Manhattan’s popular High Line.