City parks

Off-leash dog parks led the pack in new urban parks, growing by 4 percent in 2015 and 89 percent since 2007, according to The Trust for Public Land’s most recent data on the nation’s 100 biggest city park systems across the country.

Each year, The Trust for Public Land wrangles stats on parks in the hundred most populous cities in the U.S. Want to know the largest city park in the country? Or the oldest? Or the most popular?

If you live in Miami, you enjoy great year-round weather and plenty of places to take advantage of the sunshine. It’s no wonder Miami is regularly voted as one of the nation's healthiest cities.

Based on in-depth surveys of park systems in the nation's 100 most populous cities, City Park Facts is the most comprehensive source of urban parks data. The report covers park acreage, spending, and accessibility as well as the number of specific types of... Read more

Super-slides and wave pools? Try bioswales and rain gardens. Across the country, city parks are doing double-duty to help control stormwater—and infrastructure’s rarely looked so good.

A lot in northeast Bozeman sits empty now, but over the next two years cleanup efforts will be underway to transform it into Story Mill Community Park. Developers are designing it to be the city's largest natural park.

A new report from The Trust for Public Land that explores the intersection of green infrastructure and parks.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Dion Waiters today gave $10,000 to help create a new schoolyard at his former elementary school, the E.M. Stanton School... Read more

Minneapolis and St. Paul lead the nation in access to parks and open space. But tens of thousands of Twin Cities residents still don't live within a ten-minute walk of a park. Kids growing up in St.

Zuni Park in north Denver offered few amenities to keep people there, until now. The Trust for Public Land recently installed durable outdoor workout equipment in Zuni Park through our Fitness... Read more