Brownell Bailey

Brownell Bailey Since 1980, I have been involved in land development-low impact mountain resorts (residential, recreational and commercial), land trades with the USFS, wetlands restoration, and Denver metro area commercial redevelopment, "big box" commercial and town home/golf development. I have helped developed restaurant concepts (Quiznos and Left at Albuquerque) while raising my three sons. Since 1980, I have served on 2 Town Boards (Breckenridge and BowMar, 6 years total), 2 Planning Commissions (Upper Blue Regional PC and Town of Blue River Planning Commission, 12 years total), the Summit Transit Board, the Board of Colo. Assoc. of Ski Towns, Summit Huts Association (honorary 16 years), Trust for Land Restoration (current), Trust for Public Lands-Colorado Advisory Council (current), and the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (8 years). More than anything, I am proud of my 3 sons, with whom I enjoy skiing, cycling and racquet sports.