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155 miles. 7 days. 117-degree heat. They call it the Gobi March, an annual ultramarathon that draws some of the world’s most elite athletes to a remote desert in western China. It’s just the kind of challenge that Kyle McCoy lives for.

Alright, some of them biked ... or roller-bladed ... or danced! But one way or another, 50,000 people turned out to celebrate the long-awaited debut of The 606.

Unless you've got Midwestern roots and a PhD in English, you probably don't recognize this man. But if you're the type of person who likes to get outdoors to unwind—to ditch the cell phone, take a deep breath, and enjoy a quiet moment to yourself—he knows you.

Six days from today—on Saturday, June 6—we’ll join our friends, neighbors, and community partners in Chicago to celebrate the grand opening of The 606—the city’s next great park and trail system.

Colorado is famous for its rugged backcountry, but most people still rely on community parks for getting outdoors. Ute Valley Park in Colorado Springs is one example.