• A peak in King, Washington

    Speaking up for public lands: how to write a letter to your representatives

    If you really want to make an impression, there’s a lot to be said for doing it the old-fashioned way.

  • People enjoying the bridge in South Chickamauga

    Chattanooga bridges the greenway gap

    "Now there's true connectivity into neighborhoods. This is a big deal."

  • The Equipo Verde participates in a clean up day at an LA Green Alley as a part of the Avalon Green Alleys program.

    Meet the Equipo Verde: allies for alleys

    They're turning a neglected alleyway in South Los Angeles into a walkable, bikeable, beautiful public resource.

  • A woman plays fetch with her dog at Whitefish Lake in the Haskill Basin in Whitefish, MT

    In Montana, a community keeps the water flowing

    A local ballot measure to fund the protection of Haskill Basin passed with an overwhelming majority of 84 percent.

  • A snowy Wilson Peak rises above autumn forests near Telluride, Colorado

    Trading spaces for a famous Fourteener

Santa Barbara in 1898
Before anyone hyped kombucha or acai berry smoothies, a simpler drink was all the rage among health nuts: mineral water, drawn from natural
The National Park Service is marking its hundredth birthday with a special gift to kids. In a bid to get more students and families
North America's highest peak rises 20,310 feet above forests of spruce and aspen, a snow-shrouded behemoth that has always defied
City Park, New Orleans
When Hurricane Katrina tore through New Orleans in August 2005, it left 90 percent of historic City Park—an area larger than New York's
The Trust for Public Land met Donna Kirkland at a community meeting back in 1996—she was full of big ideas, and we knew right away that we
Weir Farm, CT
When J. Alden Weir traded one of his paintings and $10 for some land in Connecticut in the summer of 1882, he was just looking for a place
#OurLand: Black Diamond's Peter Metcalf
For all their reputation as free spirits, climbers talk a lot about commitment. From local crags to the big walls of Yosemite, you'll hear
Bonneville Shoreline Trail
Utah residents have a peculiar park predicament. On the one hand, their state is famous for its spectacular natural landscapes—from the red
An early morning hike near Joshua Tree National Park
Say you're out exploring in your favorite national park—skirting the base of a rock formation in Joshua Tree, or making your way to the
Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature's law is wrong it learned to walk without having
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Remember Florida's "Amendment 1?" Back in November, citizens in the Sunshine State approved $22 billion in dedicated funds for conservation
Freedom Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, has always been a special place for my family. I spent many afternoons of my childhood there—
Kyle racing the Gobi March
Update: We joined #GobiMarch contender Kyle McCoy in a Twitter chat July 7. Check it out! 155 miles. 7 days. 117-degree heat. They call it
Opening day at The 606
Alright, some of them biked ... or roller-bladed ... or danced! But one way or another, 50,000 people turned out to celebrate the long-
Sigurd Olson, 1950
Unless you've got Midwestern roots and a PhD in English, you probably don't recognize this man. But if you're the type of person who likes
Ute Valley Park, Colorado
Colorado is famous for its rugged backcountry, but most people still rely on community parks for getting outdoors.
Trust for Public Land ParkScore® Index , unveiled today. Combining factors of park acreage,
Land and Water Conservation Fund
Ok, so no one likes unraveling acronyms. But if you care about getting outdoors, this one should be on your radar. Ready? L-W-C-F. It
Land&People magazine
What’s next for parks and conservation in America? That’s the big question behind the frontiers issue of Land&People magazine
A girl holds a leaf at The Preserve, CT
Maddy McCuin was only six years old when she learned that her favorite place to play—a forest on the Connecticut coast—was up for sale.
We wish we never had to drive to get to the trailhead, but sometimes it's got to be done. At least you can turn the music up on the way
Center for City Park Excellence
Attention data geeks and trivia buffs: the 2015 edition of City Park Facts is here ! The latest report
Happy opening day, baseball fans! Here at Trust for Public Land blog headquarters, we’re wondering how this season could possibly top last
Our land, up for grabs
All around the country—even when economic times are tough—citizens from across the political spectrum vote to protect the land and water
Rachel Carson
If you’re an NPR listener, you might have caught