• A peak in King, Washington

    Speaking up for public lands: how to write a letter to your representatives

    If you really want to make an impression, there’s a lot to be said for doing it the old-fashioned way.

  • People enjoying the bridge in South Chickamauga

    Chattanooga bridges the greenway gap

    "Now there's true connectivity into neighborhoods. This is a big deal."

  • The Equipo Verde participates in a clean up day at an LA Green Alley as a part of the Avalon Green Alleys program.

    Meet the Equipo Verde: allies for alleys

    They're turning a neglected alleyway in South Los Angeles into a walkable, bikeable, beautiful public resource.

  • A woman plays fetch with her dog at Whitefish Lake in the Haskill Basin in Whitefish, MT

    In Montana, a community keeps the water flowing

    A local ballot measure to fund the protection of Haskill Basin passed with an overwhelming majority of 84 percent.

  • A snowy Wilson Peak rises above autumn forests near Telluride, Colorado

    Trading spaces for a famous Fourteener

A woman plays fetch with her dog at Whitefish Lake in the Haskill Basin in Whitefish, MT
There are corners of Montana where it can seem like time stands still. In the hush of a deep forest or the chatter of a trout stream, the
Hands holding a stopwatch
What can you get done in 10 minutes? Maybe a few quick chores, like folding the laundry or tidying up in the garage. You could read a
Two men hiking on the Appalachian Trail.
If there’s anything we appreciate more than the Appalachian Trail, it’s the dedicated volunteers who maintain it. Jim Sullivan is one of
Allemansratt Wilderness Park, Minnesota
The Swedes have a word with no English equivalent: allemansrätten, “every person’s right” to roam. It’s a celebrated Nordic
Mark Hoffman
For much of the past century, wetlands were dismissed as useless or even dangerous—dredged, filled in, developed, and polluted. Since 1900
At recess—as in life—everyone falls down sometimes. But until recently, taking a tumble at William Dick School in north Philadelphia could
Aerial photo of Kawela Bay, Hawaii
Its idyllic setting on Oahu’s North Shore makes the coastline surrounding Turtle Bay Resort a choice location for wildlife, beach-goers,
A snowy Wilson Peak rises above autumn forests near Telluride, Colorado
Even in land conservation, money can't buy everything. Sometimes it takes a trade, instead. A creative land swap last month was the final
Tree and city
It doesn't take a diplomat to recognize that it's rare for 195 countries to agree on anything, much less on a subject as thorny as carbon
Fireworks over a forest.
"New year, new you"—it’s easier said than done. Although most of us can think of changes we’d like to make in our lives (more time outdoors
Ice skating at Knight's Pond in Maine
Winter can feel like a grind. Dark days of dodging puddles, shoveling driveways, and misplacing mittens—it’s enough to make us want to curl
Migrating birds
If you’re one of the millions of Americans gearing up for a cross-country trip next week, you know you’re in for all the joys of holiday
31 places you made a difference in 2015 with The Trust for Public Land
Skip, stroll, swing, ski, surf … these are just a few of the ways you can experience the land you’ve helped us protect in the past year.
Vermont Town Forests
New England is rich in traditions, and our favorite is the community forest. It's an idea with its roots in the colonial era, when
Youngest Robie on the farm
When we gather around the table with our loved ones this Thanksgiving, we'll be sharing a success story—and a delicious dish!—from a New
Though they live in a state famous for outdoor recreation, most of the children in Denver’s Montbello community lack access to parks and
The 606
They grow up so fast! Chicago's newest park and trail is just past six months old, and we're marking the occasion with a new video. We took
Land&People magazine
For more than 40 years, The Trust for Public Land has worked to connect people to nature, parks, and each other. These connections are the
Mallows Bay, MD
On the Maryland side of the Potomac, in the rural community of Nanjemoy, you'll find a sheltered cove called Mallows Bay. The sandy bluffs
It's a big day for us: we're debuting a new look—only the third in our 40-year history—and we hope you like it! A little history: The Trust
If you ask urban planners, great public spaces have a lot in common ... even though one of those things is that each is unique! This year,
We're big fans of the Appalachian Trail— big, like 250,000 acres big! —so of course we had to
Frogtown Park and Farm
Earlier this week, St. Paul celebrated the opening of its newest green space: a one-of-a kind park and urban demonstration farm. But before
You may remember Newark Riverfront Park —one of The Trust for Public Land's
It's National Public Lands Day! Good thing, too—because these incredible places need your help now more than ever. Some powerful