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Meet LA's fittest grandmas

It’s a new year, and if you’ve resolved to get fit in 2014, this group of motivated grandmas (and one grandpa) will encourage you to jumpstart your workout. 

Two years after installing a Trust for Public Land Fitness Zone ® exercise area in a neighborhood park in Los Angeles County, we dropped back in to see who was using the equipment. 

What we found there nearly blew us away. This group of superstar seniors has been meeting up at the Morgan Park Fitness Zone in Baldwin Park, CA, to exercise together four times a week. Thanks to this dedicated regimen, the group's members—some in their eighties—have successfully completed two 5K races. In the process, they’re also building friendships—and having a blast. 
How do you motivate yourself to stick to your workout routine? Share your stories and tips by leaving a comment below. 


edgar gillham
I'll be 80 this year. Wife and I have walked 2 miles every evening for the last 15 years. We recently received a free membership to "any time fitness" centers through our AARP senior supplemental medical insurance and now can workout daily summer and winter on our own schedule. At 79 My heart-rate runs in the low 90s while younger folks on the same machine are running near 150. We do not have to loose our fitness to age but it's use it or loose it.

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