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Though they live within a stone’s throw of the mighty Passaic, many Newark residents have never seen the river up close. How could they? Contaminated by an industrial history — Agent Orange was manufactured here during the Vietnam war — the Passaic was... Read more

We first met Victoria while shooting "LA's Fittest Grandmas," a short film about a group of seniors who work out twice a week at a Trust for Public Land Fitness... Read more

On Square Block in Denver Unites Communities 9 News Now KUSA NBC Denver 11 30 13 10 11 PM 06 13 1

For the hundreds of children and families that live nearby, New Freedom Park in east Denver truly lives up to its name. Most of these families are refugees who came to America from war-torn nations... Read more

It’s a new year, and if you’ve resolved to get fit in 2014, this group of motivated grandmas (and one grandpa) will encourage you to jumpstart your workout. 

Two years after installing a Trust for Public Land... Read more

Eight Ways Parks Improve Your Health

Pop quiz: Where do people go to get fit? We’ll give you a hint: this place is fun, free, and you probably have a couple favorites right in your own neighborhood. 

We’re talking about public parks. If you live near a great park, you already know the... Read more

Ronald “Kartoon” Antwine has lived across the street from the vacant lot on Monitor Ave for more than four decades. The weedy, trash-strewn lot has long been a magnet for crime and vandalism; as a child, Antwine remembers his mother, out of concern for the... Read more

Rebels With A Cause Trailer

The breathtaking beaches and bluffs north of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge are a treasured escape—a natural playground in easy reach of the city. But of the millions of visitors to the Northern California coast, few remember how close the community... Read more