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Stonewall Inn, New York City

Martin Luther King Jr. said in a 1965 sermon that “the arc of the moral universe is long—but it bends toward justice.” 

The national parks system preserves the places where Americans through the ages have worked to make that bend. In... Read more

South Chickamauga Greenway, Chattanooga, Tennessee

The latest addition to Chattanooga's greenway system is by no means the longest we've completed. But if you ask the neighbors who turned up for the grand opening, they'll tell you this stretch of trail's got something that matters more than mileage: a ... Read more

Haskill Basin, Whitefish, Montana

There are corners of Montana where it can seem like time stands still. In the hush of a deep forest or the chatter of a trout stream, the imagination wanders back to an era in the West when the woods were wild and deals were sealed with a handshake.

... Read more
Wilson Peak, Colorado

Even in land conservation, money can't buy everything. Sometimes it takes a trade, instead.

A creative land swap last month was the final piece in the public-access puzzle for Wilson Peak, part of Colorado's spectacular San Juan Range. At 14,023... Read more

Though they live in a state famous for outdoor recreation, most of the children in Denver’s Montbello community lack access to parks and green space. To change that, The Trust for Public Land recently helped secure more than five acres of land in the... Read more

Frogtown Park and Farm

Earlier this week, St. Paul celebrated the opening of its newest green space: a one-of-a kind park and urban demonstration farm. But before the dancing and drummers, the custom art and the composting workshops—there was Frogtown.

The curious name ... Read more

You may remember Newark Riverfront Park—one of The Trust for Public Land's proudest "land for people" success stories of 2013. Today, we're thrilled to celebrate some big news for the park: it... Read more

The National Park Service is marking its hundredth birthday with a special gift to kids. In a bid to get more students and families outdoors, the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative is providing free entrance passes to every fourth grader in the country... Read more

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? 
Proving nature's law is wrong it  learned to walk without having feet. 
Funny it seems... Read more

Squak Mountain, Washington

If you've ever hiked the Pacific Northwest—or dreamed of it, as an armchair traveler—you know the peace and stillness of a walk in the woods: lush ferns underfoot, pine boughs overhead, and worries a world away. The forest is such an important part of the ... Read more