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  • Mestizo-Curtis Park in Denver, CO
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  • Kartoon Antwine and his daughter
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    Kartoon Antwine and his daughter
  • Taking a leap at Pouch Camp on Staten Island, NY
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Creating parks and protecting land for people

Great parks = great cities

2014 ParkScore results are in! See the rankings on parkscore.tpl.org.

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We protect the places people care about and create close-to-home parks—particularly in and near cities.

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Nature lovers across America are joining us to take a stand for public land at tpl.org/ourland. If you still need inspiration to share your own story, check out some of our favorite #OurLand postcards below.



7 hours ago
Thanks @CleveFoundation for the $5 million dollar grant to build Lake Link Trail! http://t.co/jk3ZOFTF05
8 hours ago
RT @OurOcean: Water bottles don't belong in #DowntonAbbey or the ocean. http://t.co/rJi3y5zOJF http://t.co/lw0vhDRxoo
11 hours ago
We’re connecting folks with the #Chattahoochee River in #GA! 124 acres along the river donated to #WestPointGA: http://t.co/NrgGPSTxcJ