• Enjoying a run on Mt. Diablo
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    Enjoying a run on Mt. Diablo
  • Land for people

    Hear real stories of how parks change lives and transform communities.

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    Kartoon Antwine and his daughter
  • Taking a leap at Pouch Camp on Staten Island, NY
    Welcome to The Trust for Public Land

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Creating Parks and Protecting Land for People

Climate-Smart Cities

We help green America's cities to address climate change.

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New Freedom Park
We protect the places people care about and create close-to-home parks—particularly in and near cities.

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Land and People Magazine Fall 2015 issue
The latest issue of Land&People showcases art parks across the country.


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The most pressing environmental challenge of our time may not be species extinction, habitat destruction, or even climate change. If you ask Scott Sampson—better known as "Dr. Scott"—it could actually be our disconnection from the natural world around us. 



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