• Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail near Bull Lake, CA
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  • Rattlesnake Lake on the Mountains to Sound Greenway in Cedar Falls, Washington.
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Mark Hoffman

It’s Groundhog Day, and you’re probably curious to hear whether the world’s most influential rodent saw his shadow. But while Punxsutawney Phil is the more famous predictor of winters to come, you might get more insight from the other celebration on the calendar on February 2nd: World...



2 hours ago
Conservation has lost a star, and we have lost a friend- https://t.co/ThAfKJablF Alex, you will be missed dearly. https://t.co/VT201ocizU
5 hours ago
Thank you to all who joined the dedication this weekend. More on the project here: https://t.co/q1llIV0zgR https://t.co/6RmBsVtKUI
5 hours ago
Here's why landscape architects should work with the community, rather than for it. Thanks @NetteCompton! https://t.co/yPFtciVRVS